3rd Annual Pilgrim's + Indian's Progress Run

Another year, another turkey to chase. 

Our third annual Pilgrim's + Indian's Progress Run! 

This year we used freezer paper and fabric paint to fashion musket t-shirts for the pilgrims and bow and arrow t-shirts for the Indians...symbols of the hunt! 

And for the hunted fowl? A feather.

Got em!!!!!

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? 

Here's our run from last year!

Second Annual Pilgrim's + Indian's Progress Run

Last Thanksgiving we were set on participating in a morning run but couldn't find one just right for us. So, with a little cardboard and a lot of wackiness the first annual "Pilgrim's + Indian's Progress Run" was born. The concept is simple: Pilgrims and Indians unite...

and a  turkey is chased.  

The cutest part of the run is seeing how passerby's react to the silliness. 

{super sneaky}
{caught at last!}