A Laid Down Life

My grandmother is a saint. She lays down her life for others like no one else I know. Even as her hair grows grayer and grayer she continues to be joyfully obedient in the work God has called her to.

What a heritage and Godly example she sets for me, my family, and fellow believers. Last Wednesday we had a birthday get-together to celebrate 76 sweet years. 

 We met and had a decadent lunch with dessert at The Villa in Indianapolis. 

{Appetizers: wild mushroom bruschetta, portobello caprese, & antipasto}

My grandma was, and still is, such a nicks nookser. Her sister relayed that as a child she used to implore "let's be good today Helen Jean" because she'd often get pulled into my grandma's mischief! I love that peppy side of her!

{My aunt Joy came up from DC to surprise my grandma!}

A birthday isn't quite complete without love gifts, the sweetest being from my grandpa to my grandma. On his precious card is written in Latin: "Pauper sum ego....I am a poor man, nihil habeo....I have nothing, cor meum dabo....I give you my heart."

Grandma, you are a treasure to all those blessed to know you.