Tall Paul

My dear grandpa Paul passed away late last month. 

He had been diagnosed with stage four cancer a week before. He was a lover of Jesus who quietly served those in his life without ever pursuing praise. He had the cutest shuffle walk and always had a silly joke or witty play-on-word on his lips. He loved chocolate, word games, old films (from which I gained my fascination), classical music, his beloved wife Helen, and his family. He and my grandmother spent five years homeschooling my sisters and I. Isn't that incredible? 

I am so thankful to God for His goodness and mercy in my life through this honorable man.

I miss you Grandpa, and can't wait to be surrounded by the glory of God with you some day not too far away.

Below is a video work of love we put together as a tribute. The sound clip starting the video is his sweet voice!