"Old West" Bowl for Kids' Sake 2014

{A Big and Little Sister match handing out t's}
{Our team name: Bloodthirsty Western Dinosaurs.......maybe that explains things?}

"Old West" Bowl for Kids' Sake 2014! 

BFKS is our annual, primary fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters and it is always a whirlwind of a day. Envision hosting a twelve hour party. By the end of it, we're all popping chocolate kisses to keep up our strength and limping round the alley. 

I dressed as Annie Oakley and fitted her nickname "Little Sure Shot" as my job was to document the occasion by camera! 

I was also able to bowl a session with a team from my church's youth ministry and it was - hilarious.

Our agency subsists off the generosity of those who believe in our mission. Thank you to those who gave so that the youth in our program can be given role models. 

A whole lot of effort, but worth it all. 

And now, I'm gonna see if I can rustle up a foot massage.