Flower Kingdom

"I am a King,

Or an Emperor rather, 

I wear crown-imperial

And prince's-feather;

Golden-rod is the sceptre

I wield and wag,

And a broad purple flag-


Waves for my flag.

Elder the pithy

With old-man and sage,

These are my councillors

Green in old age;

Lord-and-ladies in silence

Stand round me and wait,

While gay ragged-robin

Makes bows at my gate.

- Poem I am a King by Christina Georgina Rossetti 

My sister Courtney and I, reigning over our glorious kingdom of flowers, this past Labor Day Weekend in Michigan. 


Admirable Combinations: Doughnuts + Where the Sidewalk Ends

Another delightful combination! Some sugary good Shel Silverstein poems and Mary Lou Donuts (my lunch embarrassingly). I am so delighted by the wit in Shel's poems and illustrations. Some of my favorites are Love, Sick, and Boa Constrictor, but there are SO many good ones. Which are your favorites?