Mamma Mia: Pregnancy Weeks 23-34

Baby is growing!

Week 24: Baby is the size of an eggplant! 

Week 25: We move our belongings from Lafayette to our new home in Indianapolis where Zade will start his rotations with Indiana University School of Medicine. 

I celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mom! 

Week 26: I tie up my time at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Lafayette where I have been on staff, supporting mentoring, for seven years. Zade rocks his exam completing his second year of medical school. We move permanently to Indianapolis. 

Week 27 & 28: We tent camp in Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Grand Canyon National Parks. Cousins avocado and broccoli meet! At 16 weeks my sister Sarah's baby is the size of an avocado and at 28 weeks my baby is the size of a head of broccoli! 

Week 30: I drive two hours one way to pick up a Babyletto crib I spy on Craigslist! 

Week 31 & 32: I meet up with my sister Melody in Georgia and we road trip to visit our sister Rebekah in her sweet Alabaman home by the bay. At 31 weeks baby is the size of a pineapple! I grow in respect for southern pregnant mammas. That humidity. Those mosquitos. 

Week 33: Ultrasounds are my favorite! From her profile, baby looks like she has Zade's lips. I learn that she in the 84th percentile for weight (looks like we may have a chunk on our hands). 

Week 34: Speaking of chunk, I am starting to feel like I don't know my body! I have a lot less drive and everything face to foot is growing rounder. But, I love feeling baby move with gusto! I travel to D.C. for a 4th of July family reunion! At 22 weeks my cousin Clare's baby is the size of a papaya and at 34 weeks my baby is the size of a cantaloupe! 

Baby is due in a little over a month! Stay in there baby...develop and grow strong. Let's see if you can make it to 40 weeks: pumpkin! 

Mamma Mia: Pregnancy Weeks 19-22

Week 19: I feel baby move!

Week 20: baby is the size of a banana! 

We experience our second ultrasound. Baby blows "bubbles." Our technician circles baby's gender on a slip of paper and seals in an envelope for a surprise reveal later! 

I research natural birthing methods. Natalie at Messy Mom generously answers my questions about her water birth in an inspiring, demystifying blog post

Week 21: Zade feels baby move! 

Week 22: baby is the size of a papaya! 

We look inside our envelope and find out we are having a......

Baby Shaw gender reveal to follow soon!