We are really going to miss these two. 

Devin and Jessica joined our small group Bible Study about two years ago, and their move to Chicago marks what feels like the end of an era. 

We and they were the last of a small group that began four years ago when Zade and two guy friends started meeting for accountability the season before they all wed.  Once hitched, the wives got to join in the fun! 

Through this small group we've shared meals and "the hope to which we have been called" (Ephesians 1:18) with six fantastic couples who've moved in and out of our group along their journey following Christ.

Betsy and Ryan - a joyous couple who blessed our lives with their wisdom. 

Amy and Chip - an artistic couple passionate about truth. 

 Brent and Danielle - an athletic pair who knew how to be real. 

Chris and Jana - our go-to couple for questions about politics who demonstrated care through being active listeners. 

Dan and Darlene - a sincere, adventurous couple who have the cutest boys ON THE PLANET. 

I am so thankful to God for the way He placed these couples in our lives. We've laughed and sorrowed together. They've prayed with me, and cared for me, during the hardest period of my life.   

The official end of our small group causes me to look ahead in anticipation of our next step in life! 

We had Devin and Jessica over for a goodbye dinner this week. Because they are moving to Chicago, we grilled up some beef franks and served Chicago-style dogs! 

How do the Chicagoans like it? Drug through the garden! On a poppy seed bun add a beef frank, peppers, pickles, relish, yellow mustard, tomatoes, onions, and celery salt! 

Some fun facts about Devin and Jessica:

1. They were BOTH drummers in bands....we like to call them our rockstar friends.

2. Jessica is a MASTER couponer. She has shown me shelves of noodles and laundry detergent that she has managed to get for free. I am constantly amazed. 

3. Devin is passionate about theology. He speaks Zade's language. They have forever long conversations including words like Molinism, cessationism, dispensationalism, Christian hedonism, soteriology, and the like.


Goodbye dear friends! Keep rockin.