The Feast of the Hunters' Moon

Zade invited me to my first Feast of the Hunters' Moon nine years ago. Others were asked too, of course, so as not appear suspicious. But, he was fooling no one. This was our first date. 

I remember coming upon him sitting on a hay bale, chewing on a foxtail grass. Like any sensible woman I thought "well isn't that adorable." 

The Feast is held annually and recreates the fall gathering of the French and Native Americans at Fort Ouiatenon, a fur-trading outpost in the mid-1700's. 

We went again this past Saturday. 

Homemade root beer in jeweled bottles glisten...muddy boots brave puddles as big as ponds…furs, feathers, and buffalo headdresses crown heads...steaming apple dumplings, juicy hunks of poultry, and wood smoke waft….

A true feast for the senses.