When in Chicago: Eat!

So much deliciousness crammed into one weekend! 

and about these mussels looking so gorgeously innocent....

celebrating our five year anniversary at Bistro Voltaire I encouraged Zade more than once to scoop up the buttery wine sauce into the shells of these delicacies. Another course down the road I looked down at my beautiful, silk dress to realize I'd enjoyed the sauce a little too much!  I am following in the footsteps of my grandma who always manages to walk away from a meal with a little to-go.

What are your favorite eats in Chicago?

Fowler Theater

We took a drive to the middle of nowhere. 

 The kind of small town USA where all cell phone connection is lost...where you stop at a gas station to ask for a restaurant recommendation and are told: there's only one....where cutie pie elderly folks wave as you drive by and strangers take you off guard with compliments. 


in the middle of nowhere shines this gem.

This 1940's beauty is volunteer-operated with all profit feeding back into its restoration. Thankfully we arrived early! The house was sold-out minutes after our tickets were purchased.  

Absolutely brilliant. 

You must see it for yourself.