Belated Four Year Wedding Anniversary Photos

Pictures from our four year wedding anniversary shoot. 

I know, they're being posted quite behind schedule. But, we haven't taken our fifth year photos yet. So, I think they can slide. 

Speaking of slides....

These pictures were taken at the park a few blocks away from our home.

 All pictures captured by the lovely Beth Wilson. 

Our Tattoo

"You have made known to me the path of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence
with eternal pleasures at your right hand" 
Psalm 16:11 

When I was young my family did a fair amount of hiking particularly on the Appalachian Trail. Arrows and paint blazes marked the trail. 

On our five year anniversary this past weekend Zade and I chose to be tattooed with an arrow on our feet, signifying how Christ has made known to us the true path of life and how we are walking this together. 

Tattoo by the charming Sean Adams at Speakeasy Custom Tattoo in Chicago. 

Fowler Theater

We took a drive to the middle of nowhere. 

 The kind of small town USA where all cell phone connection is lost...where you stop at a gas station to ask for a restaurant recommendation and are told: there's only one....where cutie pie elderly folks wave as you drive by and strangers take you off guard with compliments. 


in the middle of nowhere shines this gem.

This 1940's beauty is volunteer-operated with all profit feeding back into its restoration. Thankfully we arrived early! The house was sold-out minutes after our tickets were purchased.  

Absolutely brilliant. 

You must see it for yourself. 

Pinball Date

{Tri Zone, 1979}

We rolled on downtown to Main Street Amusements for an evening of pinball.

 This little gamer's gem has more than thirty pinball machines ranging from those built in the 40's to present day. For the oldest games you can play with a nickel! Though, that didn't take me too far because I am really bad at pinball. But, come to find out, Zade is pretty good! So, go husband! 

{Bally Rocket, 1947}
{Morocco, 1948}
{Spanish Eyes, 1972}