Pinball Date

{Tri Zone, 1979}

We rolled on downtown to Main Street Amusements for an evening of pinball.

 This little gamer's gem has more than thirty pinball machines ranging from those built in the 40's to present day. For the oldest games you can play with a nickel! Though, that didn't take me too far because I am really bad at pinball. But, come to find out, Zade is pretty good! So, go husband! 

{Bally Rocket, 1947}
{Morocco, 1948}
{Spanish Eyes, 1972}

A Jolly Hour on the Trolley

We two turned tourist to Tour the Town on the trolley...

The ride was a lot less like Judy's and a lot more like a jaunt on a CityBus - that trolley imposter! But, still terribly charming to be shuttled around like a tourist in the city we've called home for more than eight years.

Then, chocolate-cherry cokes, sandwiches, and shakes at McCord's!

The food: OK. The shakes: wow!

I always shock Zade with how much sugar I can put down.

 What touristy things have you done in your hometown? 

Eating Bugs

I ate a bug.

If we're counting, I actually ate three...two mealworms and one chocolate covered cricket. 

Last weekend we partook in an annual spring festivity - where bug munching is blase. You may recall that last year we competed in a little cricket spitting. 

This year I swallowed.

Any takers?

April showers proved true, but that didn't keep us away!

We sampled the local honey. 

And made friends with the fuzzy babes.

Spring, you are full of merriment.