Bridal Shower at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

I was reminded that I'd never shared photos from my sister Rebekah's bridal shower in July. 

An intimate affair. 

We picnicked on the lawn of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

We wore white. 
She wore red and our Nana's bridal veil.

The rain showered. 

We danced through the wet grass,
lifted our parasols,
 and showered her with gifts for the home with the one she loves. 

A Golden Afternoon Tea

Remember this golden couple

On the Autumnal Equinox they'll say "I do." 

This past weekend I hosted a A Golden Afternoon Bridal Shower Tea for the stunning bride. She and flowers are forever linked in my memory and I wanted the shower to reflect this sentiment.

Alice in Wonderland's flowers served as primary inspiration for the decor. However, unlike Wonderland's snobbish variety,  mine are kind and give such compliments as "you look beautiful today" and "where did you ever find such a lovely dress?" These flowers also focused the vision. 

The invites quoted the Alice in Wonderland 1951 flower's ditty All in A Golden Afternoon: 

"You can learn a lot of things from the flowers
for especially in the month of June
There's a wealth of happiness and romance
All in a golden afternoon" 

Guests were welcome to accent their attire by crafting a tissue paper flower headband. 

In the Victorian Era flowers were ascribed a coded language so that even the boldest sentiments might be proclaimed through the simple gift of bouquet or bloom. Included in their invites guests found a card with a flower's name and meaning. They were asked to compose a note on the card expressing how they've seen the essence of the flower's meaning in the life of the bride. Or, a prayer to see that quality in the marriage of the couple. We read them aloud to the bride at the shower and I will put together a little book as a gift for the couple on their wedding day. 

A truly -golden- afternoon.