Bridal Shower at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

I was reminded that I'd never shared photos from my sister Rebekah's bridal shower in July. 

An intimate affair. 

We picnicked on the lawn of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

We wore white. 
She wore red and our Nana's bridal veil.

The rain showered. 

We danced through the wet grass,
lifted our parasols,
 and showered her with gifts for the home with the one she loves. 

Symphony on the Prairie

Since I've been young one of our favorite family traditions has been celebrating the Fourth of July at Symphony on the Prairie.

I am convinced that there is no sweeter place for Independence Day. 

 A field bright with merrymakers ornamented in red, white, and blue... 
brawny patriotic compositions...
blankets set beneath the trees...
grass underfoot...
the setting sun...
lightning bugs...
A firework finale timed to Stars and Stripes Forever...

Buddy lunches add an extra dash of excitement to the festivities. 

Everyone puts their name into a hat and chooses another. A lunch and note is then fixed discreetly as to not give away the name of one's "buddy." We take the secret part very seriously! Last year my little cousin was growling at those who came too close to seeing the card she was drawing. 

I thank God for freedom in this Country. 

Even more, I thank God for freedom in Christ. 

A freedom more glorious than fireworks.