Bat Light Garland DIY

My decorating for Halloween is standardly pretty tame. I'm very sensitive to "scary" (never have, never will watch a horror film) and tend to stick with pumpkins and gourds this time of year. A few months back I found the above lithograph print and my heart skipped a little. 

Witches, ghosts, blood? 

But bats? 

Inspired by Cakies' black cats, I cut out paper bats, punched stars for eyes, and pulled twinkle lights through.  Here is a Bat Template pdf I created if you'd like to have your own house full of bats!


The day after Halloween. 

Crumpled costumes lie in piles round houses everywhere. 

Here are a few, in all their glory....

Christine as Mrs. Potts, Debbie as Cogsworth, Courtney as Belle, and Rebekah as Lumiere

Me as Anastasia and Zade as Dimitri 

Lauren and her guy as Wayne and Garth

Melody and Jake as French and Texas Toast

Halloween Costume Reader Submission

Yesterday and today I've been piecing together a Halloween costume for Zade and I. 

There is something so nostalgic about imagining-up a Halloween costume as the weather turns chilly.

When my siblings and I were children, our parents ruled that we could choose to dress up as anything we wanted for Halloween - but nothing scary. Ha! Like that was going to be an issue. 

I wanted to be....

a princess (of course)
a pumpkin
a Native American
Liesel (from the Sound of Music)
"a woman going to a ball" (my nine year old self felt gorgeous)
an artist
a hippie
 a Scottish lass
a peasant (definitely a downgrade from princess)
Jane (of Disney's Tarzan)
 the "State of Indiana" (seriously)
and last year....

Hobbes (from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes)!

Do you have a favorite costume? If so, share it! 

E-mail me a picture at by October 30th and I'll post it on this blog on Halloween!