{U lala} Spontaneous Celebration DIY

My Spontaneous Celebration DIY is live on U lala today! 

After these early morning pictures, we spent the rest of the day with rogue confetti peeking from our tresses. 

Wherever I paused was left a golden flower or ruby butterfly.

I didn't altogether mind. 

Maybe that's how we should live life. Something of beauty, through Christ, left everywhere we rest.

Bat Light Garland DIY

My decorating for Halloween is standardly pretty tame. I'm very sensitive to "scary" (never have, never will watch a horror film) and tend to stick with pumpkins and gourds this time of year. A few months back I found the above lithograph print and my heart skipped a little. 

Witches, ghosts, blood? 

But bats? 

Inspired by Cakies' black cats, I cut out paper bats, punched stars for eyes, and pulled twinkle lights through.  Here is a Bat Template pdf I created if you'd like to have your own house full of bats!