{U lala} Spontaneous Celebration DIY

My Spontaneous Celebration DIY is live on U lala today! 

After these early morning pictures, we spent the rest of the day with rogue confetti peeking from our tresses. 

Wherever I paused was left a golden flower or ruby butterfly.

I didn't altogether mind. 

Maybe that's how we should live life. Something of beauty, through Christ, left everywhere we rest.

DIY Cake Platter

I've wanted to make a cake platter for years now. Over Christmas break my sisters and I decided we wanted to spend a day making something crafty. So we happily scooted off to Raven's Roost Antique Gallery to choose our plates and stands. 

Vintage plates, silver goblets, and glue. 

We used Gorilla Glue at first - bad idea. It bubbled and showed up as white against our cream plates and silver goblets. We had some epoxy on hand and I recommend this for any cake plate DIYers. 

Apply epoxy/glue and some heavy reading 

and voila! Pretty.

 I'm pretty sure my sisters were planning to gift their platters but then couldn't bear to give them up! My platter is holding clementines and shelled nuts right now but I'm looking forward to baking up some pretty little cupcakes some time soon.