Put on your Party Hat

A bit of celebrating last Saturday with a scrumptious lemon blueberry cake

This little guy helped us party. 

(My pet name for Zade is "Turtle" because he tends to retire, like a turtle to its shell, to read and relax. When I put this turtle in odd places around the house it makes Zade smile). 

{another party animal}

I can hardly imagine a better present: Zade getting to talk with one of his heroes, Dr. William Lane Craig, at the Purdue Symposium! 

The rest of the evening was spent with loved ones. 

An enthralling day. 

Can you believe a year has passed

P.S. The idea for crafting the little pom pom party hat and baking a cake in a tin can both come from the every darling: Oh Happy Day. If you are not already following this blog, you should!