Put on your Party Hat

A bit of celebrating last Saturday with a scrumptious lemon blueberry cake

This little guy helped us party. 

(My pet name for Zade is "Turtle" because he tends to retire, like a turtle to its shell, to read and relax. When I put this turtle in odd places around the house it makes Zade smile). 

{another party animal}

I can hardly imagine a better present: Zade getting to talk with one of his heroes, Dr. William Lane Craig, at the Purdue Symposium! 

The rest of the evening was spent with loved ones. 

An enthralling day. 

Can you believe a year has passed

P.S. The idea for crafting the little pom pom party hat and baking a cake in a tin can both come from the every darling: Oh Happy Day. If you are not already following this blog, you should! 

Zade's Birthday: Two are Better Than One

Zade and I observed the passing of thirty to thirty one years by asking off our respective works and spending a restful, unpretentious day together. 

The theme for this birthday was "two are better than one" from this passage of Scripture.

The decor.....

A little drawing of the two of us holding hands. 

The gift.....

Since purchasing our X-box console a few months ago Zade and I have affirmed the need for another controller so we can spend date nights nerding-out together once in a while. I snagged this one off Craigslist from a plump, sweet-looking high school boy with a mouth full of braces. We made the trade-off at a movie theater. It seemed fitting.

The cake.....

I tried - and failed miserably in my domesticity- to make this cake from Sweetapolita. My salted caramel swiss buttercream filling was a sweet, frothy mess - the consistency of cottage cheese. Yes, that bad. I threw it out and opted for a favorite chocolate standby. Ladies from our church let me borrow their six inch pans - so kind - the size is so darling. 


"Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow." - Ecclesiastes 4:9,10

Thank you Zade for being by my side to lift me when I fall.